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Dallas Buyers Club is one of the most anticipated film of the year and it stars Matthew McConaughey (who won the Oscar’s Best Actor Award for his role in this movie), Jared Leto, and Jennifer Garner. It’s directed by Jean-Marc Vallee.

If you like free movie streaming, you should watch Dallas Buyers Club. It’s a true story about an AIDS patient Ron Woodroof, who was given a month to live by his doctor who diagnosed him to have a full blown AIDS disease. Refusing to accept that death is near, he traveled to Mexico and was treated by an American doctor who had his licensed revoked. The treatment seemed to work for Ron so he decided to smuggle unapproved pharmaceutical drugs to Texas. There he became friends with a gay AIDS patient who became his business partner in selling these “drugs” to other AIDS patients. The FDA tried to prevent the sale and distribution of such drugs and they had to take the matter to court.

Dallas Buyers Club is a heart-breaking film about a man’s struggle to fight social prejudice, injustice and the chance at getting proper treatment not just for himself but for others like him.


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